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Nothing Basic About Our Training

We provide full-service dog training. In-home training as well as board and train programs are available. We offer obedience training and behavior modification for specific problem behaviors such as (but not limited to) digging, jumping, pulling on the leash, barking, food stealing, fearful dogs, socialization issues.
Our programs are built to suit your dogs individual needs.

Training Tailored to your Dog

In Home Training

One hour training sessions in your home once a week.

Ideal for owners with time to work with their dog

Board and Train

Your dog will live with our professional trainer in her home for 3 weeks and train daily.

Ideal for busy owners

Downtown Dogs

Public outing sessions downtown or in a public place to build confidence and manners in public with distractions. Great for condo pups!


We specialize in Behavior Modification, Basic Obedience Commands, Confidence Building, Exposure Training and Social Development. 

You will have the choice of training with an electronic collar that will go home with your dog or treat training.

We introduce new Surfaces and Sounds, Create Positive Associations, help with Desensitization, Proper Manners, and Prevent Unwanted behaviors like Resource Guarding, Puppy biting, Counter surfing, Jumping, Nuisance or Demand barking, pulling on leash, door dashing, and Minor Reactivity.

Dogs Love Us Because We Love Dogs

There is nothing like the unconditional love from a dog. You can’t force it and dogs never fake it! We earn their trust, gain their respect and capture their hearts.

Let us know how we can help your dog start living their best life by texting, calling or filling in our contact form.

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